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Trusted Pest Control in Durham Since 1980

North Carolina is home to a wide variety of critters that you likely do not want to share living space with. Spiders, fleas, mosquitoes, fire ants, ticks, rodents, bees, ants, raccoons, fleas, opossums, foxes, and countless other species crave the warmth and food found in your home or the lush vegetation of your lawn. Kil-Mor Pest Management has been keeping these unwelcome guests out of Triangle and Triad homes since 1980.

Why Kil-Mor Makes Sense

Here at Kil-Mor Pest Management, we understand the importance of keeping your family healthy and safe from pests. Our qualified expert exterminators use treatments that are family- and pet-safe!

We also guarantee our work. If for some reason you aren’t satisfied or you see pests between service visits, you can call Kil-Mor and we’ll come back out to service your home at no additional charge to you!

The Importance of Pest Control

It may seem like a relatively trivial thing today, but pest control is one of humanity’s most significant victories over nature. Before we learned how to successfully keep rats, bedbugs, fleas, cockroaches, and other pests at bay, people were forced to live with them. Outbreaks of major diseases and plagues throughout history are now blamed on this unhygienic living arrangement. With modern methods and a little work, we have the toolkit to keep them outside our homes.

Our pest control treats for:

  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Mosquitoes
  • Rodents
  • Fire Ants
  • And more!

To find out if we can treat your pest problem, give our team a call today! You can reach our exterminators at 1-800-4-KIL-MOR.

Same-Day Service Available

When you see pests in your home, you want them gone that day. Our team can be there to service your home the same day to give you the pest relief your family needs. Here at KilMor Pest Management, our pest control services include:

  • A thorough pest inspection of your home- top to bottom!
  • Treatments that cover all the cracks and crevices inside and outside of your home.
  • Quarterly exterior treatments.
  • Comprehensive interior treatments as requested. 

professional pest control in the Triangle & Triad

Trying to manage a pest infestation can lead to bites, stings, and other issues if one isn’t trained to deal with wild animals. We are always ready to help and have the knowledge and experience to deal with pests quickly and efficiently. We offer pest control in:

Don’t see your neighborhood listed? Not a problem! Call us today at 1-800-4-KIL-MOR to see if we can service your area.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Kil-Mor Pest Management, we’re here to answer any question you have about your pest control treatments! Don’t see an answer to your question? Contact our team today and let us help!

Are your pest control treatments safe for my family?
Yes! We only use pet- and family-safe treatments in and around your home. Our team receives training and continued education to stay on top of new treatment methods and options.
Why do I need an inspection before I can get a price quote?

No two homes or two pest problems are the same! Here at Kil-Mor Pest Management, we totally customize your treatment to your home.

Our professional exterminators will conduct a thorough inspection and point out areas that require your attention. From there, we can provide you with an accurate price!

Will I have to leave my home during service?
Usually, no— though we may ask you to leave the immediate area where your exterminator is working.
How do I know if it’s ants or termites?

Ants and termites can look the same to the untrained eye. If you’re comfortable getting close, take a look at the bug’s body. Ants have segmented bodies that are divided into three parts with top wings that are larger than their bottom wings. A termite’s body will be all one piece and its wings are the same size.

If you think you have termites, Kil-Mor also offers termite control in North Carolina!