Pest-proofing your townhome comes with challenges different from single-family homes. With shared walls, and sometimes shared utilities, you and your neighbors often have to work in tandem to resolve any pest issues. Sometimes, you can DIY your pest control solutions. Other times, you might need the help of an exterminator near you to keep the pests at bay.

Why All Townhomes Need Pest Control

Townhomes share walls and are connected through utilities— creating an easy pathway for pests to travel between homes. In addition to utility lines, pests can travel through open windows, ventilation slats created for your HVAC unit, potted plants, doors, and windows without proper weather stripping, and even hitch a ride on packages you bring into your home.

Rather than suddenly need pest control after an infestation happens, wouldn’t it be better to proactively guard your home against pests?

Pest Resources for Housing Managers

Are you a housing manager or responsible for decision-making regarding pest control? You want your pest control provider to help you keep your community pest-free. You want a pest control company that will use science-backed and minimally invasive pest control techniques. You want a program that includes:

  • Exclusion work– an exterminator will scour the property for potential access points for pests and help you seal them up.
  • Customized care– no community is the same or has the same needs. We provide a customized approach to pest control in townhomes.

If you’re looking for pest control for townhomes in Durham, the Triangle, or Triad, Kil-Mor Pest Control offers pest control for HOAs and townhome communities.

Is My HOA Responsible for Pest Control?

The answer is sometimes. In some communities, residents are responsible for their own pest control. In others, some of your HOA dues go towards pest control.

Can Mice Travel Between Townhomes?

Yes! Townhouses share walls, pipes, roofs, and other things making them a superhighway for pests. Even for a professional exterminator, it can be difficult to spot all entry points the first time through. Mice can build their nest in your neighbor’s home but scamper to yours for food.

You and your neighbors will have to work together with your pest control company to seal outside entry.

How Can I Help Keep Pests Out of My Home?

While you will inevitably see pests around your home, there are a few things you can do to help keep your home pest-free:

  • Question second-hand furniture– you don’t have to stop purchasing second-hand furniture entirely, but make sure you’re carefully inspecting any items before you ever bring them into your home. Become familiar with the signs of common pests that can live in secondhand furniture, including cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas, and carpet beetles.
  • Inspect packages– Cockroaches, amongst other pests, love to hang out on packages. Check boxes before they enter your home to limit potential infestations.
  • Check hotel rooms carefully– bed bugs can be found in hotels, taxis, even unexpected places like movie theatres! Before putting your suitcases down, inspect the beds and closets of your room very carefully. Then, once you arrive home, throw your clothes into a high-heat cycle in the washer and give suitcases a good vacuum.
  • Dispose of garbage– don’t allow your garbage to sit in your home for prolonged periods of time. Having a trashcan with a lid can help keep your garbage from attracting pests.